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Because innovation leaders require redesigned tax advice, our firm is on hand to help you meet your challenges.

“As tax specialists, we are drawn to your business projects. They challenge and impassion us.

However, our experience has led us to draw the following conclusion: in the current world, innovation is pushing back the limits of the possible.

And in this world, our playground, taxation, is redefining its rules.

New rules to address the challenges of a digitalized and borderless economy.
New rules to achieve the value created by the company from its intangible assets and human capital”.
"Based on this premise, we have one conviction. Taxation is adapting to the changes in the world and our tax advice must reinvent itself.

To us, this means rethinking our approach with you: as early as possible, as close as possible to your teams and in close connection with your operational needs.

PARHÉLIE is a Firm where experience in taxation is applied to your projects. Because your journey is also ours, we help you build a secure framework adapted to your company".
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Innovation is an important driver of growth and a major competitive lever for companies.

Whether through the deployment of cutting-edge technologies, the emergence of new business models or the adoption of new organizational approaches, innovation is a key strategic step for any company, regardless of its sector or size.

The diversity of sources of innovation and its players raises unprecedented tax issues that require rethinking tax advice for companies.


Every innovation process is initially based on an idea. However, in order to generate value for the company, innovation, irrespective of its origin and methods, eventually has to be tested against reality: the needs of the market, competition and regulations.

From a tax perspective, this interaction between innovation and taxation poses two major challenges. The first long-standing issue is to determine to what extent taxation can motivate companies to innovate. The second, more complex issue is to try to reconcile the fast pace of innovation with the slower pace of tax regulations.

This second issue is a major one in a globalized and digitized economy where innovation is shaking up traditional patterns and redefining the concept of value, thus raising new questions about the rules of tax law and its key concepts to capture and tax the value created.

To meet the tax challenges associated with innovation, our ambition is to provide tax advice as part of a collaborative approach that combines adaptation and anticipation to enable companies and players to innovate under optimum conditions.

Please read our Manifesto for more information.



PARHÉLIE is a law firm specializing in corporate taxation at every stage of a company’s economic life.


PARHÉLIE was formed from the common vision of its two founders,  Aline Hériveau and Cédric Pavao.


Trained in the field of tax consulting and auditing, they created PARHÉLIE with the objective of working alongside companies by providing their analytical expertise in an approach that combines an operational culture, a collaborative spirit and an international outlook.


The two founders share the common experience of having started out in large international audit firms (Big Four) where they very quickly developed a range of cross-disciplinary skills alongside professionals in the field of accounting (statutory auditors, chartered accountants, financial analysts).

Continuing their career with a British law firm, they have assisted numerous small and intermediate-sized companies in their growth and reorganization projects by developing a transactional expertise for companies and their management teams.

Their tax consultancy practice has also been fueled by their experience abroad and within corporations, which finally convinced them that taxation creates value for the company when developed at the earliest stage of a project.

With this in mind, and with 25 years of accumulated experience, PARHÉLIE offers companies agile and tailor-made tax support that takes into account the operational challenges, development strategies, organizational models and values of each company.

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Since she started as a tax specialist in 2008, working for law firms and tax departments, Aline has acquired specific experience in tax consulting for companies of various sizes and sectors.

Very early on, she was aware of the significance of a cross-functional approach to tax issues and developed a specific know-how of certain tax-connected topics in order to fully focus her consulting work on the operational performance of companies.

Aline has thus acquired skills in areas such as tax applied to accounts (whether statutory or consolidated accounts) with an economic vision, analysis of tax processes in companies (business integration, management tools and audit procedures) and management of international tax outsourcing projects.

Her experience enables her to combine her tax knowledge with that of other fields and other countries to build customized solutions.


  • EY Paris (2008 à 2015);
  • EY London (2011)
  • Total Energies (2009)
  • Fieldfisher (2015 à 2022)


  • Master 2 Professionnel de Droit des Affaires et Fiscalité (DJCE) of the University of Rennes I
  • Certificate of Specialized Studies in Tax Law from the University of Montpellier I
  • Admitted to the Bar in 2012.


Cédric has been working with international law firms since 2013. He advises companies and entrepreneurs on their tax issues, both domestic and international.

Strongly believing that the operational understanding of a business and its operation is required to deliver quality tax advice, Cédric has a deep knowledge of the underlying technologies, to best assist companies in the tax structuring of complex projects.

He is particularly involved in tax issues related to crypto-assets and assists the main players in the. . He contributes with the ADAN (Association for the development of digital assets) in defining an attractive and secure legislative framework for the taxation of digital assets.

Cédric leads the corporate taxation course in Master 2 Business Law at the University of Paris-Saclay. He also teaches digital assets taxation.


  • Deloitte Société d’Avocats (Taj) (2012 à 2017)
  • Deloitte London (2016)
  • Fieldfisher (2017 à 2022)


  • Master 2 Droit des affaires Fusions Acquisitions of the University of Paris-Saclay
  • Master 2 Fiscalité Droit des affaires et Gestion
  • Admitted to the Bar in 2013.
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